Foreigners with a temporary residence permit who work in the Netherlands as self-employed persons can apply for a TOZO at municipalities.

State Secretary Van Ark’s response to the elaboration of the TOZO contains an important “victory”.
Persons lawfully residing in the Netherlands can, if they meet the criteria of the scheme, claim the Tozo scheme, WW or general assistance. The municipality does not need to report persons with a residence permit who are entitled to the Tozo scheme to the IND. Applying for general assistance may have consequences for the residence status, both for people with a residence permit and for EU citizens. The IND applies leniency with regard to persons whose residence permits expire (and by whom no extension is applied for) and for EU citizens who are temporarily unable to return to their country of origin due to the current situation. This means that during the period of ‘overstay’ persons will not be charged in the event of a new application for a residence permit or visa, or when traveling to the country of origin after the corona crisis. Persons without a valid residence status cannot claim general assistance.